Bulk SMS Gateway

Sending Bulk SMS from mobile phones isn’t a wise idea, especially when it comes to business communication. With the help of our web SMS service, you can now send text messages online on a large scale and in a easy way.

Gerizim offers your business a hosted messaging platform to SMS-enable applications, websites or systems. We give you the immediate capability to deliver and receive messages to and from any application, via our sms gateway.

Now Sending SMS From Your Application Made Easy and Simple

We currently offer a simple, flexible Application Programming Interface (API) secured connection. This offers you a connection option HTTP / XML which is quick and easy to implement and is suited to a wide spectrum of usage.

We provide additional code scripts for use with all interfaces and support integration with excellent specification documents and tutorials.You can nominate the Sender ID. Sender ID is the name or number that a message on your phone appears to come from when you receive it on your phone, for example a mobile number or company name. ( only for Transactional Route )

Online SMS features:
No software required
Send and receive SMS from computer
Send single or group online SMS
100% uptime guarantee.
Realtime Delivery tracking – shows when text message are delivered to the mobiles
Audit trail – records all SMS sent, enables easy reporting

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