Website Development

Your website works 24/7 to present your online brand, your business, products, services and your corporate identity to all the internet potential customers. Your website visitors form their opinion about your business based on quality of your website presentation. They will also use this information to compare your business against your online as well as offline competitors.

If its done right, your website can become the greatest marketing and a lead generation tool. Unfortunately, too often business websites fail to address the basics. This is mostly because these websites are designed by web designers with little or no understanding about branding, online marketing or the industry background of their client business.

All of our website designs confirms to the World Wide Web Consortium XHTML and CSS standards, this ensures lean and mean code behind this web page, making it fast to load, easy for search engines to navigate and more important, easy for them to index.After all, what's the point of a website if the search engines cannot index it and display it to your potential customers?

Not only do we want to design a Website that does all the above, we also want a website to impress, it has to look good, convey the correct message through its graphics as well as the layout and reassure the user that your product or service is the one for them.

Our Clients